"I am glad I had the chance to work with Heidi on our global marketing initiatives.  Whether it was a new global online advertising campaign or a market research project/ deliverable in her hands, I always felt secure and didn’t have to worry.  She is also a joy to work with - able to laugh, joke and dig in to get the job done.  She makes work easier therefore I have the ability to enjoy other aspects of my job and personal life as well." Kira Ollila, Senior Media Manager, Autodesk
"Working with Heidi is always thoughtful and invigorating. She brings larger mobile business perspectives to bear on any research project and she questions thinking and actions to work towards optimal solutions. She is energetic, responsive, always willing to go the extra mile and wields a sharp pencil financially. When the slogging gets tough she is there along with the team pushing through to a great result." Heather Hutchison, Consultant, Product Development & Innovation, Alliance Data | Loyalty One


"Overall, we where immensely pleased with Heidi’s efforts on this project. Her superlative project management skills, coupled with her extensive intellectual capital, brought tremendous vale add to a very high profile, complex project." Evan Neufeld, Vice President, Advertising Effectiveness, Comscore 
“It was such a pleasure to partner with Heidi on a pharmaceutical product development initiative. Her craft of uncovering consumer insight complemented by her research portfolio truly made a difference to the results. I admire many things about Heidi, one of which is her passion for a solution that works for the business. Sounds easy … not always. Complexity, ambiguity often challenged the project. Heidi was always prepared to rigorously work through options to achieve the project’s financial and business goals, which often morphed. We benefited from the learning derived from the project, the time she took to ensure we understood so best decisions were made. In the spirit of bringing joy, Heidi is an inspiration both professionally and personally – one of my favorite people to work with!” Ruth Marcuz, Alliance Data | Epsilon Targeting

Strategic Marketing and Market Research consulting

"Working with Goodby Silverstein and Partners, Heidi helped bring the Sprint Now Network integrated campaign to life. Our team used facts substantiated by Heidi to articulate what was going on NOW as well as demonstrate the information available on Sprint’s network. From determining how many spam emails are deleted every second, or gallons of milk consumed each minute, or number of people stuck in NYC elevators at any given time, Heidi was always up for the challenge to get us the information and substation we needed to tell the unique story.” Kathryn Wolf, Account Director, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners




"Heidi was terrific in helping us understand our consumer. She leverages her in-depth business experience to help translate actionable consumer insights for our business. She is a great business partner, thinking broadly and strategically beyond what has been asked of her.  I have used her for small and large businesses, and she is able to adapt to both quickly and easily." 
Joy Chen, CEO, Yes To, Inc.