Synthesis is defined as “the composition of the combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole”. While traditional market research analysis is used to deconstruct and identify the answer to specific questions, synthesis relies on creativity, experience and expertise to answer deeper questions that “connect the dots”.

Synthesis involves detective work that allows us to see the patterns in disparate data – whether it be primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative or “big data."  The result of synthesis is answering not just the “why” but the “so what," enabling market research organizations to strengthen their value with cross functional teams and senior leadership.

Heidi Dickert Consulting assists clients with:

  1. Identifying the “deeper” business questions that go beyond the single research project
  2. Conducting a systematic audit of existing data – primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative, digital, etc.
  3. Identifying the insights and hypothesis for further exploration and/or key recommendations for business action
  4. ​​Socializing the synthesis and insights gained through storytelling and data visualization
  5. Train and develop internal synthesis and storytelling capabilities at the client



Strategic Marketing and Market Research consulting