Strategic Marketing and Market Research consulting


Change is the only constant in today’s marketplace. Whether it be changing customer touch points, channels, technologies, the explosion of data availability or the impact of the ever-connected consumer, companies are challenged with finding new ways to adapt to the changing global environment.

Agility in the market research industry is currently being expressed primarily in the form of rapid, inexpensive, immediate methodologies and tools. These tools are no doubt necessary to enable the process of Agile Market Research. However these techniques are a means to an end, not the desired destination.

Agile management is a iterative and adaptive process where small, highly collaborative cross functional teams work in a series of short cycles, incorporating rapid feedback to deliver emergent solutions that are transparent to all stakeholders.

Heidi Dickert Consulting assists clients with:

  1. Understanding how agile market research can be used successfully to help clients apply this capability to decision making
  2. Identifying the right agile market research tools, agencies and methodologies from the existing marketplace
  3. Leading and/or supporting agile marketing / market research efforts within your company
  4. Synthesis and socialization of strategic recommendations to C-suite executives
  5. Developing an ongoing internal agile research competency at the client