Digital advertising

Have you ever wondered how companies decide where to invest their advertising dollars each year? HDC has recommended and implemented online and traditional advertising plans based on quantitative in-market testing. In many cases, a difficult “ no-go” vs. “go” recommendation was required. HDC can evaluate the internal and external factors associated with your marketing plan and provide objective feedback. In the case of go-forward recommendations, HDC delivers detailed revenue, expense, marketing and support plans.  

Additional consulting services

Market Research design and Analysis

Looking for additional support to identify and determine the viability of your next big idea without the risk of expensive overhead? HDC draws upon an extensive repertoire from conducting hundreds of concept tests, ad tests, product tests, segmentations, and multivariate analyses to create the foundation from which to recommend, manage and deliver the appropriate research. Our market research experts then help clients make sense of this research to obtain actionable insights that can be immediately applied in the development cycle of new products and services.     

Strategic Marketing and Market Research consulting


strategic partnerships and business development

Understanding how clients and partners’ needs and core competencies intersect efficiently and effectively is essential to building successful partnerships. With past roles as both a research client and research supplier, HDC is able to understand the needs and decision making of both sides at the negotiating table. This unique perspective enables HDC to suggest creative solutions on how companies can achieve the best outcome in response to strategic RFPs and partner together on such items as cost-sharing, innovation, and marketing communications.